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Our Core Belief

We firmly believe that every American family should strive to become Self-Reliant, enabling them to better weather the day-to-day disasters, catastrophes and hardships that we all experience.

Our Secondary Beliefs

We believe in Public Virtue and that communities should draw together through Preparedness and develop friendships, trust and loyalty within their neighborhood through discussing and developing support, evacuation and safety measures.

We believe that every family should have a personal storage of every needful thing in the event of a local disaster to enable them to help themselves, help their neighbors and help their community.

We believe in the “goodness of man” and that our responsibilities lay first to ourselves, second to our families and then to our neighbors and communities.

We believe that with proper preparation, disasters can be overcome on a personal, family, neighborhood and community level.

We welcome any and all that would like to contribute to our “Family” of preppers.

We believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.

We believe in the Bill of Rights