Upcoming Monthly Meetings

WPTexasBlueWe meet every month the first or second Saturday at 1 pm at Tubes n Hoses  1501 Franklin Ave, Waco Texas.  RSVP at the bottom of the page is not necessary, but helps us helps us plan better for who is coming.


COME AT 1 pm. $5 Donation at the door.


October 8th:  Self Defense Training instructor Sho-Dai Soke Mike Andrus Light lunch provided by AAMA Karate School.  Location:  545 N. Valley Mills Dr.  Waco, Texas  76710  Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm.  $35 for non-members.  Please call Margaret for more information and Reservations   (254)366-8246.

August 20th  Due to storm damage at Rays Place our monthly meeting will be suspended, our next meeting be be at Red lobster Lobster at the Waco Mall. There ia a small dining room in the back. No dtae or time has been determined. Get in touch with Ray for details.

July 16 Ray had a meeting at TubesnHoses Hear it was very informative, but unfortunately I could not make it. Ray has done an excellent job of stepping up and I am sure he will have much to say on this format. August meeting will be posted when determined.

June 25th we had a great meeting with Ray who shared some ideas with us, including a possible late summer/fall retreat.8 of us were there, Many ideas were exchanged and a good dinner followed at On the Border

JUNE 2016  Listen up peeps !! We will be meeting June 25th at Tubes and Hoses 1501 Franklin Street as usual at 1 pm. Bring all your thought  and ideas to Ray our leader so we can share them and get ideas for our club. Afterwards will be a great meal as always. See you there !!


MAY      Ray will be contacting us as he plans on having a meeting to get input from all of us about directions for our group. This is a great chance to share our thoughts and start some new directions !

Also, don’t forget about the  SURVIVAL EXPO at Irving near fort worth end of May only one Saturday this time. A good way to get current on prepping, see the newest trends and technologies. Stay Tuned !!

APRIL 16th folks went to JRs and were treated to a tour of his fortress outside of Killeen.He has put tremendous effort and years of planning and has a very complete self sufficient homestead to show for it. He has some pictures if you want to contact him.He sets an example of Prepping for all of us !!


MARCH 19th  – Eight of us met at Rays. WE had a brief discussion of bugging in vs bugging out followed by Dinner at Johnny Carinos. Consensus seemed to be bugging in with in the ground shelters for the dealing with marauders of all types. Sounds good to me!! There was an excellent Prepper expo in Belton the weekend before, which wasn’t well advertised but was very good.



April not determined yet…as per Ray..





February we met at Rays and yours truly gave a brief PP on the Zika Virus, in the news now more and more, something to pay attention to. Right now there is no formal lecture for March/no vendor arranged, but we will get together on March 19th at Rays to talk about Bugging in vs Bugging out, and other matters followed by our social hour

Self Reliance Expo will be at Arlington this year may 13-14, always a good event. Think about attending !!!

HOPE EVERYONE is enjoying A Prosperous and  HAPPY NEW YEAR  !!!!!

SAM SEXTON will be back on January 25th Monday 7 pm at Rays to talk more about Guns, specifically Tactical Handguns, long guns, ammo, holsters,scopes,etc and more info at 7 pm. He will bring various guns and if you have a gun you have questions about, please bring it !! Sam gave us a great talk earlier so you don’t want to miss this one !!

GUN SHOW at the WACO EXPO the weekend before Jan 23 and 24th. This is the big show of the year and brings in dealers from all over the country. Now is the time to buy that gun you have always wanted and stock up on Ammo !!

.And speaking of Guns, Be Aware that our president is gearing up to use his executive powers to enact stifling restrictions on buying and selling guns !! This action is intolerable and needs to be stopped. A good place to start is with NRA.org for direction. Let your elected people know this is unacceptable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FEBUARY …. We are all prob bugging in but Lowes people have some interesting quick shelters I want them to come and talk about, and perhaps demonstrate that we can put on our properties

I am open for any other topics people may want to hear about.

MARCH will prob be the Arlington National Prepper Convention, Arlington, Texas. Details to follow !


**December 7th, Seven of us got the word to be at Rays Monday at 7pm . Sam Sexton and his wife Sharon educated us in an easy informative styles about long guns and handguns , holsters and Ammo for different occasions, carry hunting,other situations. Very informative, always good to learn more about guns and ammo.   We will have him back in Jaunary.

Saturday we had the Christmas Party with a great gift exchange at my place. Folks were very generous with their gifts and everyone had a box of ammo at the bottom of their bag !! The weather held and we enjoyed good food from Olive Garden and the guys, Daniel and Joseph surprised us with home made Wild Mustang Grape Wine. Very interesting and tasty, thank god not too much alcohol content.Everyone had a good time !!



November 19 , 11 of us visited with Suzy o while she gave a great talk about finances with attention to gold and silver. Very Informative. She works for Ed Jones and can work with anyone individually. I have her cards for anyone interested

******UPDATE******   Sam Switzer of Unique Guns in Waco will speak on December 12/7 MONDAY PM 7pm  at RAYS PLACE  about Hunting saftery, ammo, different long gun choices,target Game populations. Sam is a seasoned hunter with Unique Guns in Waco and a good speaker and educator. We are having him Monday pm to avoid conflicts possible with his job, and also he works every Saturday. We will meet at 7 pm. This is a big topic and he will probably talk in January as well. We will have evening meetings periodically so our speakers can avoid conflicts of interests with their employers.

DECEMBER 12 –  -CHRISTMAS PARTY at KAT’S HOUSE Come between 3-4 !! Dinner, beer,wine, ice tea,etc will be provided,Friends and family are invited  Bring any new toys, we mean guns, ,body armour, new and interesting ammo and other defensive gear and  share it with us !  Of course we will have Secret Santa exchange Bring a prepper gift < $ 10 wrapped or bagged , ie a small folding knife, a box of any caliber ammo, a compass, bungie cords, you know what to get !!!  My phone is 254 265 2753 !! Call me for directions questions. You know the way !!!

See you then and have a great Holiday !!




And for that special someone who has everything, go to the last page of the Cabelas’ fall catalog. You can buy a DRONE for $999.99, instruction included !! Get one before the cops and FAA find out !!

If anyone made it to Ralph and Angels last weekend, be sure to bring us up to date !!


See you soon !!


The Texas Preparedness Group is doing their Friday pm and Saturday all day workshops THIS FRIDAY AND SAT 10/9-10/10 at the Valhalla B&B in Taylor Texas. Sorry, I have been in Arizona 8 days, last I heard it was still longs Camp on the 16,17


GUNSHOW in Belton next weekend !! Margaret and Barry will be there !!

Houston survival expo coming up Details will follow !!!


September 19th

13 of us made it to Rays place on 9/19 to hear a medical update  on antibiotics and the new Eboli Vaccine and Margaret was kind enough to give us a brief overview on essential oils. I think essential oils are a perfect compliment to conventional medicine and have the potential to play a major role in healing and wellness. I feel like I am back in medical school as I am learning all about them. Margaret is a distributor for anyone interested. Jay and Angie made it down,always good to see them !

I am always open to suggestions ! If you missed Margarets talk she gave an excellent overview of the doTERRA  products. Contact her for a a great opportunity to distribute these products and help yourself and others achieve a better healthier lifestyle.


August 15th Margaret gave a great talk about essential oils. This is a great time for anyone interested as I am to think about getting into a dealership position. These oils are getting validated on a daily basis. She was able to get several going as distributors

Still may get our Hunting Talk Will keep you posted

October will be the Texas preparedness 2 day workshop At Long’s camp near Burnet texas. A great series of talks. Hopefully the weather will be much better !! See you soon

SUMMER PARTY AT KAT’s     July 11th Saturday 4 pm was a lot of fun.  Good food, we got to enjoy Daniel and Jonathan’s vintage long guns, ejoy good food and beer.

Bring what you want to drink, beer, ice tea,dinner  wine will be provided !!

You know the way !! 2420 Tigua Ct in Hewitt. Come up Hewitt blvd, turn onto panther way, right if from 84, left if from I-35. Go past the Hewitt elementary school on left, turn left onto first street, Tigua, number 2420, look for the Centex roofing sign, park on the street !!!

See you there  !!!  Bring friends and family  !

Margaret Hanson will talk Saturday Aug 15th 1 pm at rays about Essential Oils.

September will be unique Shelters from Lowe’s

October will be the Texas Preparedness Group 2 day workshops at Longs hopefully no rain !!







MAY 16th 1 pm Rays Place 1501 Franklin

JOHN 11 of us made it to Rays and we had a great overview of the Ham Radio World given to us by JOHN CHAMBERLAIN AC5CV and CLINT ANDERSON  of the HOT HAM RADIO OPERATORS CLUB. Besides giving us basic information and sharing some physics, they had radios and devices of different types to demonstrate for us..However, they couldn’t pick up a frequency inside. They were very enthusiastic, very informative, and clearly communicated how much fun they have doing this. This was one of our better meetings

Think all of us should invest in a pair of radios( $35 a piece) take Clints level one technical license course (once a month) and become skilled. This is a great skill for SHTF. We can communicate with each other ! and everyone else..But remember, always assume everyone is listening in !!!

You can visit them HOTHROC.com to learn more

June will be Terry Grimes on antique seeds and Gardening. She will have a lot of information on good gardening plans.

July will be PARTY at my house !

See you all next month have a great time  Kat

See you there ! Dinner will follow. June and July in the works !

Go on line and read about this great way to communicate when the towers go down  !


NOW YOU GET IT !!  JR did a great simple presentation of Solar panels connected  to lights, fans to 12 volt batteries and all the inverters/chargers and /current directors /other objects needed to make it all work; then built it up to refrigerators/washers/etc attached to channeling/inverting/conserving devices to several batteries .  After a Margarita at Logans it all made sense !

Seriously, there were 9 of us and JR is always available to each and every one of us for hands on instruction.  We are fortunate to have a prepper of JRs caliber in this group !

MAY 16th we will are working on a presentation  by the Waco Ham Radio Group about Ham Radios, licenses, great resource when the towers go down.

June will be Rain Barrels, water collection and preservation, presentation in the works. Stay tuned.

July will be something medical and of course JULY 4th PARTY AT KATS HOUSE, prob sat before or after the Fouth

BEST OF LUCK to Jim and his wife Ricki on their new life in Florida.

See you all at Rays TubesnHoses 1501 Franklin 1 pm as always, dinner afterwards.

IF anyone wants to order food from Bob Clayton, let me know, I am getting orders together and am giving serious thought to using it as a staple every week or so. Let me know !!!

The SECOND SURVIVAL EXPO at Arlington happened in the rain and many of the vendors were familiar to all of us. Margaret Barry and I wandered around, we were joined by John Garret who is a member who moved to outside Fort Worth for a great job. It was good to touch base with him and find out he is doing so well.

Doc Bones aka Joseph Alton MD gave a good presentation on treating fractures and I recommend his medical bags fully stocked and his medical handbook the Doom and Bloom  Survival Medicine Handbook, all on line at DoomandGloom.com



Angie, Jay Serna and their son came in the am and visited with Margaret and Barry, always good to see the Sernas !

New item: There were three or four vendors with mini wind turbines. After a long discussion with one of them, it became clear that wind energy is a supplement to solar energy and at least if not more expensive than solar energy and the panels are very expensive and bigger than the ones demoed by Blaine Shelton. These turbines can provide up to “25 %” of your energy needs.

Hmm…think we need to go back to the drawing board on wind energy !! I still like the idea, esp in Texas

Saturday March 14 10 of us had a very successful live  visit via Google +hangout with Bob Clayton in Utah about his food product ValleyStoragefoods.com.  We had samples of the Pasta Primavera and Enchilada Beans and Rice

Good Stuff ! we don’t yet have his price list of products, but I think we will be able to get a bulk order up to send him. He will cover the cost of shipping for us. What I liked is that his samples are resealable, no preservatives, minimal chemicals, last 25 years ! Might become my dinner on a regular basis.

I have had a lot of people ask me for more on Solar power, the basics, to compliment Blaine Sheltons talk so JR the master of all things off the grid will give us a talk with demonstrations, date to be decided, afterwards we will adjourn to Twin Peaks.  DEtails will follow

I am working on Ham Radio communications for May. Stay Tuned !!!!

Solarup TX was a great success !! We had 17 people come to listen to Blain Shelton and watch his demo of his portable Solar cell generator.

His talk was informative and made many us aware of the complexity and choices available to all of us consumers. Our JR will be giving us a Solar basics talk soon.

PRIMESTAR GUN SHOW WACO EXPO Center March 7 and 8th. This Gun show will be huge and will bring dealers, retailers, individual sellers, possibly manufacturers  from all over the country. It will fill the bottom floor of the Expo center – it is well worth your time, allow a full day to take it all in.Lots of merchandise related to guns, reloading,holstersCHL classes,etc See you there !

MARCH 14th  at TubesN Hoses Bob Clayton will visit with us via Skype to demonstrate his new evaporated/dehydrated foodstuffs. These products are the newest line of survival food. Lightweight, delicious by report, packable and good for 25 years. I am arranging for some sampling at the same time. Visit his site Valleyfoodstorage.com. He is based out of Utah. Many vendors are carrying this product. Details will follow.

hat is current in prepping, a great way to meet other preppers.


April may be JR bringing us up to speed on Solar Basics

May may be Essential oils with our own Margaret and Barry. Stay Tuned

Past events

Sunday 1/18 Margaret and Barry got everyone tickets for American Sniper. We were joined by Beverly and her husband and Joseph. Finally saw the movie, the theater was packed AGAIN GREAT MOVIE HOPE clint and Bradley walk off with every Oscar !!! See it if you have’nt



THE 2015 ANTIBIOTIC/ EBOLI UPDATE PP PRESENTATION was 1/10. Appreciate everyone braving the tough weather who came. I am more than happy to help everyone out together their personal medicine pack and will get you your meds at my cost. Only Waco Prepper members ,please

Prior meetups 2014

12/13/14 at TUBESNHOSES     !!  What a great presentation by JR He gave 14 of us an informative and very entertaining talk about the evolution of his water system, starting with his 1000 gal pump fed system at the top of the fill down to his 2500 gal gravity fed tank with an elaborate system of rain barrels, filters, tubing and other devices to his elaborate set-up..then we were treated to a show of various showers and power sources.

THE PARTY WAS GREAT ! Everyone  had a really good time,  THANKS to everyone who supported this fun get together financially, socially, etc We will have another spring/ summer 2015

Nov 18th Johnny PRice – CHL Update

After Johnny, we went to On the Border and had a chance to listen to Margaret and Gary and the crew from Ogilvie share some interesting views about Texas politics.

Note – the Texas Preparedness Group can now be accessed on our resource page. Simply click  Texasprearednessgroup.ning.com and  see all they offer, resouces, contacts, several chat rooms There is a woman only prepper group named Women of Texas run by Angel.


Well, seven of us made it and had a great time ! The Texas Preparedness group did an outstanding job, as usual despite the bad weather. Friday PM Ferral, their EMT medical man spoke about Eboli and shared information similar to what you all have, great minds think alike!

After a serious Texas downpour all Friday night, Ralph and Angel and their crew had the canvas up and hot coffee for the Saturday sessions, Lucinda then spoke about Mettier Gardening, a method between Organic and Inorganic without too much work and and excellent yield several talks followed good meeting

9/8/14- Water Conservation by our own Larry K. Hawks with props, dead raccoons and cow you know what !! A one of a kind talk !! trust me. Seriously very good. Also a review with beautiful photos of his grand Canyon trek in June

8/10 –  SELCO SURVIVAL TALK a PP presentation based his SHTF school. Two Visitors from the Belton Emergency civil services joined us and showed some interest in forming a laison, however, we were never contacted back.

7/3/14  SUTURING – suturing kits were for sale  and everyone enjoyed a lesson and hopefully learned some new skills.  Party afterwards at Kats


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